Jack Lockett

'Utilising A Multifaceted Stakeholder Approach to Assess the International Maritime Organization’s Target Of Halving Vessel Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2050'


Jack Lockett is currently completing an MSc in Maritime Policy and Shipping Management at Cardiff University. He has a keen interest in shipping economics, finance, policy and environmental issues. 

Introduction to research

I am currently working on a project that assesses how achievable IMO’s 50% reduction in vessel greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is. The project focuses on how prepared various stakeholders are to aid the target and it looks to provide an early indication of what changes could, and should, occur as those involved move towards such a revolutionary goal.

Why did you choose maritime as your area of study and research? 

Shipping has long been at the heart of global trade, the economy and thus, human prosperity. Despite this, it currently contributes significantly to a growing climate change problem that threatens life as we know it.  However, whilst this issue presents huge challenges for the industry going forward, the increasing need to mitigate it creates exciting opportunities for students passionate about trade and the environment. The chance to learn about the industry to subsequently help drive its future success in a greener world was therefore one I could not pass up on after finishing my undergraduate studies.

What do you hope to get out of participating in the Maritime Masters program? 

My research looks to not only provide an early indication of the current achievability of IMO’s 2050 target by assessing the preparedness of stakeholders to aid it, but it also wishes to provide recommendations to various stakeholders on how they themselves could improve their preparedness in the future.  With the chance to present my work to key industry players, the maritime masters programme will allow me to disseminate such recommendations and my passion for environmental protection to those who can help drive change. More importantly, through this, the maritime masters programme could also help facilitate a movement towards the green, prosperous industry that I wish to help create and work within.