News: Maritime UK letter to the next Prime Minister

Maritime UK have today written to the five candidates standing to be leader of the Conservative Party, and the UK's next Prime Minister.

The letter, from Maritime UK Chairman, David Dingle CBE, stresses the importance of the UK's maritime industry, and the central role it will play in helping to deliver economic growth and prosperity following the decision of the British people to leave the European Union.

It says: "More than ever, the UK must embrace free trade to help grow our economy and deliver prosperity across the country. The maritime industry is the engine of free trade, and the vehicle for future prosperity. Put simply, it is the maritime industry’s job to ensure that the UK is open for business.

"As the UK looks to a future outside the EU, we must once again become a great international trading nation. The maritime industry will play its part in facilitating this future - supporting jobs, driving innovation and enabling trade – and stands ready to meet with you to discuss how, together, government and industry can deliver for the future of our people."

Maritime UK letter to the next Prime Minister