Could you feature in our 'key workers' video?

By: Lorna Wagner

Programme Manager

We're excited to announce that we will be launching a new video at the beginning of July celebrating the incredible role maritime workers have played in keeping Britain supplied with medicine, food, energy and other supplies. 

To help celebrate our people, we need your help. 


  • We'd like you to record a short 15 second video of yourself on your ipad, phone or other device. This can be  onsite (if you are key worker and it is possible to use your device at your workplace) or in your home office/garden/anywhere you are working from.
  • You need to record in landscape.
  • Simply record yourself answering one or all of these three questions: a. what did your work entail? b. what did working as a key worker through the crisis mean for you? c. why do you enjoy working in maritime?

Next steps

Once you've recorded the video, please send the file with your name, role and company to Lorna Wagner by 5pm on 10 June 2020 with the completed downloadable permissions form below.

We will then collate a selection to represent the breadth of sector, and create the video recognising the invaluable contribution maritime people have made in supporting our nation. Videos that we cannot use on this occasion may be used in future for similar projects.